Deposit tickets become available as soon as Early bird tickets sell out. You will need to pay the remaining balance by 19 May 2021.

• From Tier 2 onwards, adult and youth tickets can be secured by payment of a £45 deposit.
• Tiers don’t refer to access at the festival. There are no VIP sections and no areas to which different tiers afford you access above the other. Tiers only refer to the price you pay for the festival and general/family/quiet camping.
• Child and campervan tickets are not available on the deposit scheme: they have to be paid for in full.
• A booking fee of 3.9% will be charged on all new orders. There is no P&P because we send out e-tickets.
• E-Tickets will be sent out closer to the festival.
• The balance owing can be paid any time (see below) but must be settled by 19 May 2021
• We issue a separate e-ticket for each individual. So there is no requirement for everyone in your party to arrive at the gate at the same time.


How Will I Know How Much to Pay?

The details of your order will be recorded in an account on our system. After the deposit has been paid we will email you the password. The username will be your email address. The email will also contain a link to go to your account directly, without the need for logging in. The email should arrive within a few minutes: do check your junk mail. The button marked “pdf” will show the balance outstanding and the order details. If all else fails, email

How to Make the Second Payment

Log into your account. The payment box will by default contain the amount needed to settle the balance. You can choose to make a part payment by altering the number. Press “pay”. If you have chosen to make only a part payment, the account (when refreshed) will show the new balance owing, and you will be sent an acknowledgement email but no e-tickets. E-Tickets will be sent out closer to the festival.

What happens if I don’t complete the payment?

If you don’t make payment of the balance the due date then the deposit will be forfeited and the ticket will be put back on sale. If your original order contained tickets for which you paid in full then we will issue those tickets on request : email

We will send a reminder email every couple of months or so. If you have not paid by the start of July, we will send another email. The system is dependent on having your correct email address. The test of that is making sure you get the acknowledgement email after the deposit payment. If you don’t, then email us.


We accept payment via Paypal and Stripe. Both offer debit/credit card payment without the need for an account, though of course you can pay via your Paypal account should you wish. Both are secure and easy to use.

If you are 17 or under you will only be granted admission to the festival if you are accompanied by a guardian/parent/adult who is 21+. You will need to buy a ticket that is appropriate to your age. Photo ID may be requested at the ticket gates (and in the bars) for anyone who appears to be under 21 years of age.

Children 12 and under (including infants!) do need tickets and pricing can be found here.  Children must be accompanied by an adult/parent. Our licence specifies a maximum number of bodies on site, and no matter how young or old – everybody counts! So even if your baby is only 1 week old – you would still need to purchase a free ticket in advance. Please note that there are a limited number of free child tickets: we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

There are no day tickets available for End of The Road.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here.


When purchasing online you will be sent a confirmation email (please check your Spam folder if it is not in your Inbox). Your actual e-ticket will be sent nearer the festival.


For those of you who were caught unaware by the early March sell out, some more exciting news comes in the form of a Limited Late Release of Tickets. You will have your chance to grab a ticket for this year’s End Of The Road on May 20th. Tickets have been in high demand, so set aside whatever else you were planning to do that day and head over to our website to make sure you’re one of the lucky few.

We have an official re-sale scheme through Twickets where you can try to sell your tickets. This will be opening later in summer. Contact if you would like to be notified as soon as this happens.

How it works is that you advertise your ticket(s) for either the price at which you paid or less (to your discretion) with the idea being that if yours is on the cheaper side to those listed, they are more likely to get snapped up first. Once/if they are resold, Twickets then work with us to reallocate the tickets to the new owner via our internal system ensuring they gain access to the festival with no hitches.

You will be able to list your ticket(s) on the following page – Here you will also find a summary of how the service works, with links to a comprehensive guide and FAQ.