We are committed to ensuring that End of The Road is a safe and inclusive space. 

Every allegation of sexual assault – defined as any unwanted sexual act or activity – will be taken seriously by event organisers, who will take a survivor-led approach that is underpinned by policies, procedures, and training. Where relevant, we will work with appropriate authorities to ensure that the survivor’s complaint is acted upon promptly and investigated.

We have specific policies and procedures in place for addressing sexual assault and harassment on-site. These are supplemented by clear, robust reporting and disclosure processes including how to report incidents on-site and post-event. This also includes relevant health guidance and connections to local services such as local Rape Crisis centres, sexual assault, specific LGBT+ resources and referral centres (SARCs) and appropriate aftercare services. 

We will actively promote the principle of consent regarding sexual activity onsite at our events. Consent is defined as someone engaging in sexual activity if they agree by choice, and they have the freedom and capacity to make that choice. Consent can be revoked at any time. 

We commit to providing training for staff and volunteers on how to proactively monitor for and deal with incidents of sexual assault and harassment. Training will be provided in these areas and delivered by specialist providers where relevant: prevention, reporting procedure, survivor support and awareness. We will ensure that relevant staff are equipped to proactively support survivors. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and sexual assault. If you experience or witness sexual harassment or sexual assault at End of the Road, please report it to our Welfare Team who are located at the First Aid tent. The Welfare Crew is made up of a range of professionals in their respective fields, ranging from mental health professions, social workers, NHS support staff etc. They are furthermore trained in drug and alcohol support, safeguarding level 3 and how to assist in cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. They have a safe space for you to discuss any issues confidentially and discreetly.