End of the Road Festival is set in lovely old Victorian pleasure gardens, woodlands and fields located on a slight hill. It is predominantly a greenfield site with varying gradients, types of terrain and pathways. The natural terrain is bumpy in parts as you would expect in lush countryside but most of the festival areas can be reached via a road or pathway. We are committed to doing everything we can to make the festival accessible to everyone. Here is more information to help you plan your time at the festival.

Accessible Facilities / Personal Assistants

Applications for Personal Assistant tickets and accessible camping for End of The Road 2023 will close at midday on Monday 31 July 2023.

Once you have bought your ticket, if you require use of accessible facilities or wish to apply for a personal assistant ticket, please answer the below questions and send back to us at access@endoftheroadfestival.com

1. A copy of one or more of the following documents
– DLA/PIP or equivalent.
– Medical professional’s letter.
– D/deaf or blind registration.
– The Access Card of equivalent.

2. Full name of the Accessible Customer
3. Their ticket ID number
4. Full name of the Personal Assistant
5. Do you wish to camp in the Accessible Campsite?
6. Will you be in a tent or a campervan/caravan?
7. What is the model and registration number of your vehicle if you are driving?
8. How many people will be in your party? (max. of 5 people for the accessible campsite)
9. Does the accessible customer require Viewing Platform access?

Once all documentation has been received and processed, you will receive confirmation by email. All documentation is kept secure and destroyed after processing.

Site Layout / Ground Conditions

End of the Road is a small festival, with the stages, bars and village traders positioned relatively close to one another. There are a variety of tarmac, gravel and wood chip roads and pathways linking all of the festival spaces and facilities. All of the traders and food stalls are on level grass and have flat areas in front of their counters. At Joe’s Green we have to protect the grass as it is the Victorian Wedding Lawn so the Peacock Bar has a small step up into the marquee. The Boat Stage area is mainly woodchip and wooded forest floor with trees lying on the ground and some tree roots. This area is lit at night but can be difficult to manoeuvre when it’s busy. The Talking Heads Stage, where Literature and Comedy takes place, is at the bottom of a steep hill in the woods, access to which is via a woodland pathway down a short incline. There are stewards at the gate to advise you of the route down and we have created a viewing area halfway so you can have a good view of the stage without going all the way down.

To help with access, especially in wet weather, there is a tarmac road from the Accessible Campsite which will give you backstage routes straight up to the Gardens, Joe’s Green, the Cinema, Tipi Arena and into the main festival Village. In the festival Village there is a road that runs past the Big Top and down to the Woods Stage.

The Gardens, Wonderlands, Games Area, Piano Stage and Fairylight Woods are all linked with smaller gravel or woodchip pathways which are wide enough for wheelchairs and pushchairs, and even in the rain are pretty protected by the tree cover.

Upon arrival onsite

When you arrive through Green Gate, please ask the traffic stewards to direct you to Box Office where you can collect your festival wristbands. There are no steps at Box Office but we can’t lower the counter. Our Box Office staff are super friendly and will come out of their little cabin to assist you so please just ask! Accessible Camping is then just a short drive down the main driveway and on your left. Once you arrive here, you will be greeted by our Accessible Campsite managers who will issue you with your Parking Pass, Viewing Platform Lanyards and Accessible Campsite wristband.

On Site Distances

Accessible Camping -> Big Top: 375 Meters
Accessible Camping -> The Boat: 400 Meters
Accessible Camping -> Garden Stage: 450 Meters
Accessible Camping -> Woods Stage: 475 Meters
Accessible Camping -> Tipi Stage: 550 Meters

Please note: All distances are approximate and subject to change


For full information on getting to the festival please visit our travel page.

Viewing Platforms / Areas

We have a mixture of viewing platforms and viewing areas, please make the stewards in these areas aware if you require access. Access will be granted to those with the correct wristband & lanyard, which you will receive when you arrive at the Accessible Campsite and are limited to 2 per party. The person with accessible requirements will receive a wristband and their Personal Assistant will receive a removable lanyard that can be swapped between other members of their party.

Viewing platforms are available at the Woods Stage, the Garden Stage and the Big Top. Viewing areas are available at the Tipi and the Talking Heads stage. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a viewing area for The Boat as of yet. The platforms and viewing areas operate on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee access at busy times. If the viewing platforms or areas are full, we will operate a one-in, one-out process.

EOTR will provide some chairs for each viewing platform and area, however, you may also bring your own, providing the chair isn’t too large or obstructive. We ask you to be mindful of others when bringing your own chair onto the viewing platforms & areas. If you decide to leave the platform or area and you have brought your own chair, you must take it with you when you go.

The nearest accessible toilet to the Woods Stage is 50m behind to the right. The Big Top is outside and down towards the Woods Stage, approx 100m. The Tipi Stage is on the way to the Wonderland, approx 100m. The Garden Stage is to the left of the platform just down the line of hedges about 50m.

Accessible Campsite Facilities

You can park very close to your tent in Accessible Camping and there are toilets and showers within 30m. Please speak to the campsite stewards for help with anything else you need to make your stay comfortable and safe. We will try to accommodate as much as we can.

For 2023, we are pleased to offer accessible customers boutique camping options in the accessible campsite, via Tangerine Fields. You can take a look at their tent options here and they will set this up in the accessible campsite prior to your arrival. If you would like to proceed, please mention this when you email us to request your accessible camping and we will ask Tangerine Fields to get in touch with you. Please note that this will be on a first come first served basis and the number of boutique tents they can supply is limited.

Charging Stations

Wheelchair charging will be available within the accessible campsite, located at the Campsite Information tent by the toilets & showers. Please liaise with our accessible campsite staff about your requirements when you arrive. Any items will be left at your own risk. If you have special adapters please bring them with you as we will supply a 13amp socket only. You will also be able to charge your wheelchair at each of the Viewing Platforms on Woods, Garden, Big Top & Tipi stages.

Accessible Toilets 

These are located at all of the toilet blocks at the festival. Some of these also have baby-changing facilities in them. If you have a RADAR key please bring it with you as we use these locks on the toilets where possible.

Calm And Quiet Spaces

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds to an area with fewer people, we suggest the following areas Library, Fairy Light Woods, Wonderland Lawns and the Tipi Fire. The Piano Stage is also a really relaxed space and you can see some special acts here if you’re lucky! We would also encourage you to check out our Healing Gardens which have an array of different treatments and therapies available.


Hearing Loops

Hearing loops will be available at the Box Office and the Information Point.

Sign Language

We are currently unable to offer sign language as a service on any of our stages.

Medical Fridge

If you have medical supplies that require refrigeration, please take them to our First Aid and Welfare Tent near Joe’s Green.  Our medical staff can look after it for you safely over the weekend. Please bring some form of ID with you as we will only be able to hand medication back to the named person or their PA.

Assistance Dogs

Regarding bringing a dog to the festival, although renewed guidance states that Assistance Dogs can be owner trained and do not necessarily need to be registered with Assistance Dogs UK, we would still require some form of evidence that your dog is sufficiently trained. This could be a registered ID Book, a training log or any other evidence you think is relevant. We would also have to request that the dog be kept on a lead at all times and wears a high-vis jacket when in the arena.

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting may be used throughout the festival site. Please speak to stewards on site for more information.