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End of The Road reveals Literature Lineup

End of The Road reveals Literature Lineup

(2 years ago)

We are delighted to reveal this year’s Literature lineup, with some of the country’s finest minds, writers and performers who will be joining us over the weekend including founding member of cult band Saint Etienne, Bob Stanley, First Lady Of Soul P.P. Arnold, and chief rock & pop critic Will Hodgkinson. Also joining them will be Sunday Times bestselling author Tom Cox, Radio 3 presenter Kate Molleson and more.


First up, founding member of cult band Saint Etienne, Bob Stanley will be reading from his new book “Let’s Do It: The Birth of Pop” where he paints an aural portrait of pop music’s formative years with stunning clarity, uncovering the silver threads and golden needles that bind the form together.

He’ll be joined by London’s First Lady Of Soul, P.P. Arnold whose highly anticipated “Soul Survivor: The Autobiography” will be published this Summer recounting her five-decade career working with everyone from Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, the Small Faces, Eric Clapton and Nick Drake to Barry Gibb, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, the KLF, Paul Weller and Primal Scream.

Tom Cox will discuss his recently published debut novel “Villager”, whilst music critic and author Will Hodgkinson will be joining us to discuss his latest book “In Perfect Harmony: Singalong Pop In 70s Britain”, focusing on the decade when Britain was awash with mass appeal pop from the brickie glam of Slade, Mud and Sweet to the kid-friendly high jinx of the Wombles, Tiswas and Supersonic.

Elsewhere, we welcome London’s first (and only) literary tarot cabaret, Litwitchure, author Lily Dunn, nature advocate and author Jay Griffiths, Radio 3 presenter Kate Molleson and historian Matthew Green to Larmer Tree Gardens.


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