Mdou Moctar

Mdou Moctar is one of the first musicians to perform modern electronic adaptations of Tuareg guitar music. It means he stands apart from his more traditional peers, as he experiments and pushes the boundaries of the genre. His unconventional and inventive style has won him accolades both in Niger and abroad.

In 2013 he released his first international album, Afelan. It was a record of rocking and raw sessions recorded live at his hometown in Niger. This was followed by the 2014 vinyl release of Anar, a psychedelic electronic album of Tuareg guitar. With an incredible array of energetic rhythms and hammering riffs, Moctar creates trance-inducing songs, constructing futuristic Tuareg ballads from multi-tracked auto-tune vocals and machine beats. And, live, he’s even more spectacular with Noisey exclaiming that “Moctar did things with the strings that I have trouble putting into words”.

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