Whether you want to get inside the mind of the Queen of Soul, keep your early morning cartoon tradition or escape into unbelievable sci-fi worlds, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Rook Films, makers and distributors of  Down Terrace, Kill List and Free Fire for the first time this year. Founders Andy Starke and Ben Wheatley take the billing reigns on Saturday, bringing a wide selection of Rook Films’ wonders and more including Christine Franz’s Sleaford Mods doc Bunch of Kunst and 2018’s brilliant comedy/horror In Fabric.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s programme has been hand-picked by national treasure Jarvis Cocker who’s bringing a line-up as enigmatic as himself, whilst we’ve taken the reins on Thursday’s and Friday’s offerings.



Curated by End of The Road

Penny Slinger: Out Of The Shadows (18)

Midnight Cowboy (18)

Border (15)

Three Identical Strangers (12A)


Curated by End of The Road

The Brood (18)

Deliverance (18)

In The Heat Of The Night (12)

Amazing Grace (U)

Mid90s (15)

SNUB TV (15) (Intro by Brenda Kelly)

All This Mayhem (15)

Blaze (15)

The Witches (PG)

The Farmer’s Llamas (U)

A Grand Day Out (U)


Curated by Rook Films

The Greasy Strangler (18) (Intro by Jim Hosking)

Kill List (18) (Intro by Ben Wheatley)

In Fabric (15) (Intro by Andy Starke)

Free Fire (15) (Intro by Ben Wheatley / Laurie Rose / Geoff Barrow)

Tropical Cop Tales (15) (Q&A with Jim Hosking & Andy Hung)

Bunch Of Kunst (18) (Q&A with Jason Williamson)

Being There (15)

A Matter of Life and Death (PG)

Dougal And The Blue Cat (U)


Curated by Jarvis Cocker

Tales That Witness Madness (18)

The Holy Mountain (18)

Walkabout (15)

O Lucky Man! (15)

The Fallen Idol (PG)

Zardoz (15)

Batman Returns (PG)

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (U)

The Monkees (U)