N0v3l is an offshoot of the multimedia punk force, Crack Cloud. They’re a DIY crew based out of a house in Vancouver, who also happen to be a band playing Gang of Four-inspired post-punk. In their own words, they’re “an engine of entertainment and social criticism weaponising rhythm and melody against the unsound powers that be” which I think, we can all agree, sounds amazing. They draw influences not only from post-punk bands like Devo and Orange Juice but also from the likes of Public Enemy, and offer an empowering, politically-charged stance in fierce opposition to the modern cultural landscape. Just listen to “Natural”, the catchiest dance-punk tune we have heard in ages, as dissonant saxophone hops over an irresistible disco groove. Their mix of new-wave, angular funk and disco means they’re giving punk a danceable shake-up, and we love it.

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