Photo of Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus was a 19-year-old songwriter with a day job in a photo lab when her debut LP, 2016’s No Burden, sparked a 20-plus-label bidding war and two years of constant touring. Listening to No Burden it was clear all this attention was more than justified. It was a record that heralded a unique voice, one full of wit and emotional depth. Her 2018, Historian, coincided with her first appearance at End of The Road and offered a more intense but equally morish sound. Her beautifully nostalgic, poppier leaning, coming-of-age third studio album, Home Video, was released in 2021 and we just can’t stop listening. She’s also been busy working with Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers on Baker’s third studio album Little Oblivions. We’re delighted to have Lucy back!

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