Group Listening

Group Listening’s Stephen Black and Paul Jones originally met at music college. The two went different ways creatively after leaving college, with Black delving into the world of pop under the moniker Sweet Baboo and Jones, pursuing a career as a jazz pianist.

Reconnecting years later, the pair discovered that their musical tastes met in the middle and realised they shared a love for artists like Moondog, Artie Shaw and Angela Morley. They began working on music together and so began Group Listening. Piano & Clarinet: Selected Works Vol. 1 is the result: a brilliant debut album of selected ambient works from the likes of Brian Eno, Arthur Russell, Roedelius and Robert Wyatt, all arranged for clarinet and piano. It’s the spontaneous, beguiling culmination of their friendship and you can hear the closeness in the intertwining of the sounds.

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