Goat Girl

South London’s fearless Goat Girl (named in reference to Bill Hicks’ alter ego, Goat Boy) shook the festival to its foundations in 2017 with their brilliant and raucous performance. Since then, they’ve signed to Rough Trade and released their superb self-titled debut record. It’s an album packed-full of thrills: 19 tracks made up of frenzied post-punk, country-tinged rhythms and gothic psychedelia – over the top of which lead singer Clottie Cream rages against modern Britain, from public transport to mental health.

Like all the best bands, they make weird and witty music and give us glorious one-liners like “How can an entire nation be so fucking thick?” on the track “Scum”. Live, the band’s swagger is even more palpable; they feel like a gang and there’s a vibrant and effortlessly cool energy that’s transmitted from the stage.

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