We’re delighted that UK artist Natalie Sharp is bringing her amazing new project, BodyVice, to Larmer Tree Gardens this year. We loved Lone Taxidermist (The Quietus summed up her approach best when they said it was an “unholy amalgamation of Grace Jones, Ari Up and John Cooper Clarke with diva-esque wails and jarring harmonies”).

BodyVice needs to be seen to be believed. It takes a unique approach to sound art, featuring wearable, playable body-sculptures and interactive video combined with performance. Natalie can describe it better than us: “Your body is a sensory device, each sense can be manipulated/modulated and played like an instrument. The layers of your anatomy come to represent a process or modulation of how you can be played.” We can’t wait for her latest creation to come to life at End of the Road.