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black midi

Rough Trade Records whizz-kids black midi continue to be one of the finest noise-rock bands on the block and we’re chuffed to have them back at End of The Road for 2022. According to The Line of Best Fit their secret set in 2018 closed End of The Road “with a bang”! Since then Geordie Greep, Cameron Picton and Morgan Simpson have been busy releasing not one but two full length albums. Schlagenheim in 2019 alerted the world to their genius – a mind melting blend of crooner vocals, time signature fuckery and heavy instrumentals while 2021’s Cavalcade embraced more wholeheartedly the free form jazz at the core of their aesthetic and introduced a range of fizzing instrumental kicks. It’ll be a whirlwind, come get lost in the turbulence with us. 

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