Billy Nomates

During the summer of 2019, Tor Maries had her revelation that would later become the manifesto of her debut single as Billy Nomates, and it can be summarised in two short letters: No. “From the minute I started saying ‘no’ to stuff, doors started opening. It sounds really negative, but to me it was a really positive find.’, she told NME, ‘No, I don’t want to do that’: there’s a power to it. If you learn to say ‘no’, it gets somebody’s attention. In a world of yes men, I’ll be a no woman, thanks.”

You can feel this in her music. Maries’ spoken-sung snarl cuts through the sparse, self-styled DIY arrangements to create a slowly insistent rally against the pressures of the old ways of thinking and behaving. She blew our minds back in September on the Singing Theatre as part of our ‘In the Garden of Streaming’ event and we can’t wait for our second dose.

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