Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump don’t just have a fantastic name, they also have an unerring ability to make great music and own the stage with their raucous and frenetic live shows. Their sound is an amalgamation of avant-jazz rhythms, twisted guitars and off-the-cuff witticisms. Parts The Jesus Lizard, Led Zeppelin, The Fall and, Funkadelic – which is to say they are a band like no other we’ve heard. Formed in Leeds during the murky depths of the mid 90s, it took them 7 years to produce their first album, Let Me Breathe, and another five for their second, but in that time they played along and blown away all your favourite bands (Lightning Bolt, Erase Errata, Part Chimp, Trans Am, The Mars Volta, Foals and Les Savy Fav to just name some). This year sees a third album arrive, We Love You, and we can’t wait for them to blow us away.