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Happy Earth Day 2020

(1 year ago)

End Of The Road recognises that by putting on a music festival, we are contributing to the climate crisis and each year, by bringing huge amounts of infrastructure to a field along with thousands of festival-goers, we play a part in damaging the environment. 

We are therefore always thinking of initiatives and changes that we can make to alleviate our footprint. We’ve been partnered with A Greener Festival’s Festival Wood campaign since 2014 and with your help have been able to plant over 6000 trees in Scotland.

Since 2014 we have been reconfiguring the festivals power design in order to reduce fuel consumption. In 2019 we used 27% less than in 2013. 

In 2018 we cut our single-use plastic offering by 50% before introducing our Cup Scheme with Green Goblet in 2019, charging festival-goers £2 per new cup in order to reduce our single-use plastic consumption as part of AIF’s “Drastic On Plastic” campaign. With your help, we cut out single-use plastic almost completely.

After covering our costs, some of the profits from the scheme paid for a carbon audit of the festival carried out by Clean Earth Collective, to help decide how to best support environmental community projects around the world.

Following their advice, we used the remaining money to offset our core operations (infrastructure etc) with a Gold Standard Community based project, distributing energy-efficient cookstoves to the Shimoni community in Kenya. More information about the project can be found here. We have also further offset our audience travel with an investment in wind turbines in Costa Rica, more information on this initiative can be found here.

We are proud to say that with your help End Of The Road 2019 offset the emissions of itself and the previous two and a half years of the festival.

We’re also super happy to say that at End of The Road in 2019 we had six tents dropped at the donation point and zero abandoned tents in the fields. You’re all superstars!

More about all our Environmental Initiatives can be found here.