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Beavertown at The End Of The Road 2017

Beavertown at The End Of The Road 2017

(6 years ago)

We are THRILLED that Beavertown Brewery will be back at End of The Road for 2017, with all their sublime beer and ill behaviour. The Beaver Bar will return with the craft beers you know and love, along with a few surprises (who could forget last year’s exceptional Lupuloid launch … except those of us that drank too much of it!)

Beavertown @ End of The Road presents…

Neck Oil

Gamma Ray


8 Ball 

Smog Rocket 

Black Betty 

In addition to Beavertown, we’ve got loads of Real Ales returning the Bear Tavern as usual. Details will be revealed later today.

Tier 4 tickets are on sale now at £189 with no booking or transaction fees. Grab yours now!