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31 Aug – 3 Sept 2017
Larmer Tree Gardens

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  • When do tickets go on sale?
  • Tickets for the following year go on sale immediately after the festival. More info
  • What do tickets cost?
  • Tickets are priced in tiers. Please follow the link for current prices. More info
  • Where and how do I buy tickets?
  • Tickets are available through the End of the Road website. More info
  • How do I pay?
  • Payments will be accepted via paypal, cheque or bank transfer. More info
  • How will I know if I have a ticket or not?
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address followed by your e-tickets closer to the festival. More info
  • How do I get car parking or camper van / caravan / trailer-tent tickets?
  • These can all be purchased at the time of purchasing your admission tickets. More info
  • I’m under 18, can I buy a ticket?
  • Yes, providing it’s within a transaction also purchasing an adult ticket. More info
  • Do children 12 and under need tickets?
  • Yes. More info
  • Do I need a ticket for my baby?
  • Yes, these are free of charge. More info
  • Can I buy a day ticket to the festival?
  • No, we only offer full weekend tickets. More info
  • What if I live outside the UK?
  • You are also able to purchase tickets to the festival. More info
  • What do I do if there are problems with the transaction?
  • Email tickets@endofheroadfestival.comMore info
  • How and when will tickets be distributed?
  • Tickets will be distributed via email closer to the Festival. 2017 details TBC.  More info
  • What do I do if I’ve bought a ticket – but it hasn’t arrived yet!
  • Don’t panic! We won’t be sending these out until closer to the festival. 2017 details TBC. More info
  • Can I cancel or return my tickets?
  • No, End of the Road have a strict no-refund policy. More info
  • But I bought a ticket and now I can’t go – what shall I do?
  • Resell through an approved / official reseller. More info
  • Can I leave tickets for friends to collect at the box office?
  • No. Please ensure your friends have their tickets printed prior to arriving on site. More info


  • How do I get to the festival?
  • You can catch a bus, train, lift share or drive to the site. More info
  • How do I get from the train station to the festival site?
  • A shuttle bus service is available.  More info
  • If I arrive via public transport at a time when there is no shuttle bus – what are my options?
  • There are a number of local taxi companies available. More info


  • When can I arrive on site? What hours are the gates open?
  • Thursday 3pm to 11pm, Friday 8am to 11pm, Saturday 8am to 11pm, Sunday 8am to 11pm. More info
  • Do I need to exchange my ticket for a wristband?
  • Yes, this will permit you entrance to the festival site. More info
  • What ID do I need to get into the Festival?
  • A debit or credit card is suffice for any ticket queries. If for proof of age, a PASS card, driving licence or passport is required. More info
  • Once I arrive, is the site easy to get around?
  • Yes, signage is displayed around the site supporting the site map included within the programme. More info
  • I have a camper van/caravan/trailer-tent where do I camp?
  • You will be directed to your designated camping field on entering the festival gates. Please ensure a campervan pass has been purchased in advance from our website.  More info


  • Are there any power points available for live-in vehicles?
  • No. More info
  • We are coming as a family, is there an area for us?
  • Yes, this is the closest campsite located near the car parks and wristband exchange. More info
  • If I have a disability is this event suitable for me?
  • Disabled parking and camping areas are available. We also offer one free carer ticket to DLA holders. More info
  • I don’t have a tent, can I hire one?
  • Yes. Luxury and basic packages are available. More info
  • Can I bring my pet?
  • No. Only guide dogs are permitted. More info
  • Can I bring in my own alcohol?
  • Yes. Please note no glass is permitted on site. More info
  • Can I bring food into the festival?
  • Yes. More info
  • Can I BBQ?
  • No. More Info
  • Can I get cash out at the festival?
  • Yes, machines will be situated in the main village. More info
  • Drugs?
  • No, both illegal and legal highs are not permitted and your stay with us will be short. More info
  • Is it okay to bring my own sound system / stereo?
  • No, please try to keep campsite noise to a minimum. More info
  • What does ‘leave no trace’ mean?
  • We believe in leaving the land the way that it was when we arrived.
  • Is there any lock up service for valuables?
  • Yes this is located within General Camping. More info
  • Where will I find lost property?
  • Lost property will be located at the information point, near Gate C. More info
  • And who can I contact after the festival for lost property?
  • Please email info@endoftheroadfestival.comMore info
  • Are flags or lanterns permitted?
  • No. More info


  • How can I get involved in Stewarding / Volunteering at the festival?
  • By filling an application form. More info
  • How can I play at the festival?
  • An application is process is open between January and March. More info
  • I’m a comedian, how can I get a slot at the festival?
  • Over the years we’ve had some wonderful comedians, and we have many more waiting in the wings, because of this there is no longer an open application process for booking comedians.
  • I am a trader / caterer – how do I apply to trade at the festival?
  • You can apply to be a trader online. Catering is by invitation only. More info