Photograph courtesy of Honeybells

If you love festivals, but don’t fancy the stress of putting up your own tent, or maybe you just want to make the weekend that bit more special, then our boutique camping options could be for you. From ready erected tents and yurts to luxury bell tents, there’s plenty to choose from at End of The Road to suit every budget.

Boutique camping is in its own beautiful secure campsite, fully supplied with high-end toilets and showers for the exclusive use of End of the Road boutique campers!


Honeybells offer luxury Bell tents for 2, 4 or 6 people and Emperor tents for 6 or 8 people that can be kitted out with a range of furnishing options. In addition to this, campers staying in the boutique camping area will also have access to the Honeybells pamper tents, which include a chill out area, phone charging facilities, mirrors, hairdryers and lamps.

Visit Honeybells for more information and pricing.

The Pop-Up Hotel

The Pop-Up Hotel makes it’s End of the Road debut, with high-end luxury rooms that combine the romance of glamping with some of the services of a boutique hotel.The Pop-Up Hotel offer Yurts, Safari Tenthouses, Jnr. Tenthouses or Tenthouses.

Each room includes full linens and towels, toiletries for each guest, battery powered lighting, framed beds with mattresses and linens, deck chairs outside each room, clothing storage, fully carpeted flooring with rugs as well as furnished dining/living areas in the Tenthouses (including sofas, dining table and seating).

Visit The Pop-Up Hotel for more information and pricing.

Tangerine Fields

Tangerine Fields return to End of The Road once again, offering pre-pitched 2, 4, 6 and 8 man tents as well as unique boutique accommodations Geo Domes, Bedouin Tents, Bell Tents and Chill Out Hammock Tents. And new for this year they have a tent with blackout bedroom technology that allows for a longer more restful sleep.

They provide essential camping gear too, so you can arrive to tent fully kitted out with airbeds with sleeping bags and head torches. Tangerine Fields continue to provide the warmer 3-season sleeping bags to keep you cosier on the cold nights, and these are available for purchase only so you will need to take them home with you afterwards, or if you prefer to leave it behind they will donate the bag to homeless charities they work with.

If you’re booking with your friends, make sure you tell Tangerine Fields and they can ensure you’re all camped together no matter how late you get on site.

Visit Tangerine Fields for more information and pricing.