Yo La Tengo

It’s very difficult to pin down exactly what Yo La Tengo’s sound is. The reason is simple: over three decades the band have accumulated a dizzying discography connected only by the fact that each record is different to the last.

Incorporating everything from jazz to noise rock, psychedelic freakouts to delicate folk, they’ve put together a wildly diverse array of music: 14 brilliant studio albums since 1986, plus a huge range of compilations, side projects, collaborations and EPs. It’s shown them to be one of the most restlessly creative, defiantly independent, and most consistently great bands of the past 30 years.

Their warm, open-hearted sound comes alive on stage, though the sheer breadth of the band’s work means they often play two sets to accommodate all their highlights – one quiet, one loud. With all that, and a new album in the works, we can’t wait for what they have in store for us when they take to The Woods Stage on Thursday night.

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