Katie Crutchfield already has more than a dozen releases to her name courtesy of fantastic projects like P.S. Eliot, collaborations like Great Thunder, and assorted guest spots here and there. But as Waxahatchee, named after Waxahatchee Creek, (where her parents have a house on a lake and where she’s made a lot of her music) she excels.

Ivy Tripp, her third album as Waxahatchee and first for Merge, finds her fronting a band featuring multi-instrumentalists Kyle Gilbride and Keith Spencer (both from her twin sister Allison’s excellent band Swearin’). Taking elements from the best ’90s indie rock, it was her finest album yet, full of poise and graceful poetry. Though 2012’s breakthrough Cerulean Salt had more people playing on it, Ivy Tripp feels bigger live, that confidence in what she’s doing comes through even more.

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