TootArd is Arabic for Strawberries – apt given the band make their own sweetly unique version of “mountain rock reggae”. They come from the majestic mountainside village of Majdal Shams in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights and their fusion of ska with the desert blues of bands such as Tinariwen, is a joy to behold. This is a bunch of musicians at the top of their game playing together, enjoying it and singing in Arabic over Caribbean grooves.

The band’s long anticipated return to touring has finally come in support of their second album, Laissez Passer (Let Him Pass), which brings together the band’s unrelenting joy, optimism and clever political commentary. “No nationality, no borders, if you ask me I’m an oud player…In music, I’m a flying bird,” ring out lyrics of the album’s title track – it’s a message we can all get on board with. This is a show that will make you laugh, dance and smile.