The Posies

The Posies formed in 1987 and, during an on/off career that’s stretched across four decades, the band, led by musical polymaths Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, have been one of the most consistent bands in the world. They’ve maintained their unique sound while also always looking to re-shape their sound – and the long gaps between albums has seen them work on multiple projects that bring new skills and sounds back into the band.

If you’re looking for smart, soulful and melodic rock’n’roll (ie the best kind of rock’n’roll) then The Posies have always been your band. They’ve created one of the more compelling back catalogues in modern pop including hits like “Golden Blunders” (from Dear 23), but their sound is all about exploring and growing.

When the band lost long time drummer, Darius, suddenly and unexpectedly in 2015, Jon and Ken were devastated but decided to continue. The new songs on Solid States are a fitting tribute to Darius – retaining their legendary melodies, trademark harmonies and lyrical agility. It saw the pair deliberately challenging themselves, swapping instruments and trying their hand at a wide variety of styles. It’s a genuinely surprising and thrilling listen and it’s a special pleasure for us to be able to welcome them to Larmer Tree Gardens.

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