The Moonlandingz

Dreamed up by Sheffield electro duo Eccentronic Research Council, fronted by two of Fat White Family, and obsessed over in a video by actress Maxine Peake – the Moonlandingz story is as entertaining as their music.

They began life as the fictional band in Eccentronic Research Council’s concept album, Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine … I’m Your Biggest Fan, with Peake playing a stalker infatuated with a small-town Yorkshire glam-rock star, Johnny Rocket, singer with the Moonlandingz. Except the Moonlandingz were so good that that band have now become a reality.

Peake describes the Moonlandingz in the film as a “cosmic synth kraut-abilly group doing fuzzy Joe Meek-style pop”. Listening to their debut album Interplanetary Class Classics and its juddering synths and wailing guitars you know that it’s an accurate description. Live they become even more rock’n’roll with singer Lias Saoudi, aka Johnny Rocket, taking on the role of a  fantastically acerbic front man perpetually on the verge of either collapse or combustion. They have to be seen live to be believed.

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