The Limiñanas

The French duo The Limiñanas (that’s Lionel and Marie Limiñana) have been pumping out buzzy psych-rock with a shadowy vibe for a decade. Their music takes in sixties punk, cult cinematic soundtracks and cool Westerns and Italian pop, and the Velvet Underground.

Their chic brand of garage-rock-infused psych is as effortlessly cool as all those references sound. Their new album Shadow People is, like its predecessors, full of hypnotising drum loops and instrumental cinematic journeys, as well as a cavalcade of special guests, including The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe and Peter Hook. And at their transcendental live shows get ready for a few covers to be thrown – on the last tour they went with Randy Alvey’s Green Fuz and The Lords Of The New Church’s Russian Roulette.

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