Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean’s delightfully ragged debut, Human Ceremony, paired old-school rock’n’roll with pop sensibilities. Watching it performed live with such adventurous glee at End of The Road 2016 was such a joy that we had to ask them back.

Their new album Twentytwo in Blue is a different beast entirely, and even better. Their songwriting has grown tighter since their debut, the songwriting even sharper and Julia Cumming shows what a captivating frontwoman she is as she takes on misogyny and sexism. It’s an album brimming with rage, humour and humanity. And this glittering confidence pays off on the majestic “I Was a Fool”, and the luscious, melancholic “Twentytwo”. It many ways it sounds like a modern day Fleetwood Mac – and who doesn’t love that?

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