St. Vincent

Over the course of five albums Annie Clark has been resolutely unique, a singular artist who has used each record to throw new, fresh, bright colours into her musical palette.

She may have begun her career as a member of the Polyphonic Spree as well as Sufjan Stevens’ touring band, but with each release, Clark has shown she sounds like only herself – a beacon of defiant experimentation and one of the decade’s most innovative guitarists.

She’s executed each move with perfect poise. From the literate, emotionally rich songs on Actor and Strange Mercy through to the more propulsive electronic rhythms of her self-titled Grammy Winning album, each record offers a new snapshot into a dazzlingly creative mind. Last year’s Masseduction which saw Annie continue her thrilling journey; an expansive, daring and gripping record with a deep emotional core.

Her live shows are spellbinding affairs … transforming mere gigs into avant-garde art performances that push boundaries thanks to her outrageous stage costumes (featuring a toilet and a leopard-print catsuit to name but two)! Her enthralling recent tour has seen her taking to the stage alone, but she’ll be joined by a full band come September. It will be a show full of big ideas, we can’t wait for her to return for her third End Of The Road, having graced the Woods stage in 2014 and in 2013 when she teamed up with David Byrne for their Love This Giant collaboration.

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