Snail Mail

When Pitchfork titled an interview “Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan Is the Wisest Teenage Indie Rocker We Know” they have rarely been more accurate. As the absorbing frontwoman of the three-piece, she sings with a knowing weariness that belies her age.

Primarily the work of 18-year-old Jordan, Snail Mail will release their full-length debut in 2018 following the 2016 release of their introductory EP Habit. Their rise has been quick but hard-earned – two weeks after their first practice, the band were playing their debut gig at a festival alongside punk bands Sheer Mag, Priests, and Screaming Females. And their Habit EP opens with the emotional sprawl of “Thinning,” a song which conjures that none-more-relatable teenage feeling of wanting to be somewhere you’re not, and Jordan tells those stories in the most evocative ways.

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