Saba Lou

Saba Lou is the 17-year-old daughter of EOTR favourite King Khan. This lineage means that even though she’s only just finished high school, she already has a long history in music. Growing up among musicians she began her recording career at the age of 6, putting out a 4 song 7-inch on Atlanta’s Slaughthaus/Rob’s House Records. At the age of 8 she recorded “Good Habits (and Bad)” which was then used for the end credits on Cartoon Network’s “Clarence” T.V. show.

By 15, she was writing music of her own, and soon found herself with enough material for a full record. The resulting album, Planet Enigma, is spellbinding – a blend of folk and 60s-tinged rock with smart, introspective lyrics that work brilliantly with deceptively gentle melodies. Check out “Marzapan Revenge” for just one example of it breezy power. And she packs just as much personality into her live shows as her father.

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