Psychic Markers

Psychic Markers have a fine pedigree. In fact you could call them a supergroup – and we do. The band features members (both current and former) of the likes of Still Corners, Great Ytene and Grass House, who have come together to work on something new. The result is their full-length Scrapbook No. 1 which, as the name suggests, is full of sketches and ideas that burst with imagination and creativity.

You can hear in the relaxed creativity and fun in the sound that they’re all friends. Just listen to  “Round, Round, Round”, from the steady thump of the drums to the off kilter organ, there’s something deliciously contagious and sweetly innocent about the song with Grass House guitarist Steven Dove on vocal duty with Psychic Markers. Elsewhere songs like Motorik Waltz do exactly what they say on the tin – which is to say it’s amazing. And their camaraderie means their live shows buzz with energy and bonhomie.