Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius first caught our attention in 2010 with his debut album Learning. Over the course of that and its follow up, the equally beautiful Put Your Back N 2 It, Hadreas cemented his place as a singer-songwriter of rare frankness.

Almost half a decade after his debut, Hadreas decided to reinvent his sound with third album Too Bright. It deviated radically from the introverted piano-ballad template into something far more experimental and eclectic: old soul, Scott Walker’s Tilt, Suicide, Sigur Rós and PJ Harvey are all there in big, bright Technicolor. It was the sound of an artist experimenting and finding rich material to explore.

A spellbinding show at the festival in 2014 further cemented our love for him – those already delicate songs, and the not so delicate ones, laid entirely bare. We’ve been told his new album will be revealed soon, and we just can’t wait to fall in love all over again.

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