Oh Sees

Last year Thee Oh Sees dropped “Thee” from their name for their new album Orc, another slice of their primal, biting garage rock. That wasn’t all: 2017 marked a big year for John Dwyer’s garage rockers. A few months later he released Memory Of A Cut Off Head along with yet another name change, returning to OCS moniker which accompanied the first iteration of his enthralling project.

This was the 20th album under the OCS/Oh Sees/Thee Oh Sees names and the 100th release on Dwyer’s Castle Face label, and it arrived in the band’s 20th year. It was simply more proof that whatever name he goes under, whether he’s making scorching garage rock or the mellow, acoustic sounds he explores on …Cut Off Head, Dwyer’s creations travel beyond the outer limits of guitar music’s regular orbit.

Just listen to ‘Animated Violence’ a kick-ass, visceral rocker that will sound huge live – that’s just one of the reasons we’re so excited they are returning to Larmer Tree to shake the site to its foundations.

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