Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman’s story is a fascinating one – a legend from the jazz, folk and experimental scene of the 60s, he has recorded more than 40 albums over a career of unparalleled eclecticism and quality. It seems an understatement to say he is a singular and prolific artist who never repeats himself.

But, of course, that doesn’t even tell half the tale. From his debut album, Rainmaker (recently reissued on Light in the Attic) and seminal release The Wedding Band, to more recent work with Thurston Moore and Jack Rose, he’s taken unexpected twists and turns.

This year he’s released 50: Paradise of Bachelors, which marks half a century as a performing artist. It finds him embracing both the past and present, with guest artists including celebrated British folksinger Bridget St. John and Americana purveyor Steve Gunn. It’s a reminder that he remains on top form. We’re very proud to be part of his story.

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