Mac DeMarco

You may know Mac DeMarco for his graceful, beautifully shambolic indie rock. You may know him for his awesome and (in)famous crowd-surfing, hard-drinking, live shows. Either way you will know that he’s a performer like no other: his delicately demented pop, somewhere between 90s alt-rock and the creamy sounds of Seventies soft rock, is charmingly bruised and beautiful.

Since his debut album 2 in 2012, the Canadian artist has upped his game again and again – creating beautifully deft songs with a sweet and sleepy voice threading through his melancholy guitar lines.

So while DeMarco’s lovable onstage antics (he gave us a cake for our 10th birthday in 2015 – and then threw it into the crowd) have helped him make headlines, it’s his talent as a songwriter that make you stay.

He’s just announced his new album This Old Dog and the title track shows an artist at the peak of his powers. He’s told us much of the album is “acoustic guitar, synthesizer, some drum machine, and one song is electric guitar. So, this is a new thing for me”. We can’t wait. Come and join us for a celebration of the new and the old – this is going to be one headline act you won’t forget.

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