Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus was a 19-year-old songwriter with a day job in a photo lab when her debut LP, 2016’s No Burden, sparked a 20-plus-label bidding war and two years of constant touring. Listening to No Burden it was clear all this attention was more than justified. It was a record that heralded a unique voice, one full of wit and emotional depth.

Now signed to Matador she’s returned this year with Historian, an album recorded with the same collaborators. It sees her take her songs to the next level, still as intimate but grander, bigger and more intricate. There are horns and strings but none of them overwhelm the songs. You can hear it in the singles she’s put out – “Addictions”, “Night Shift”, and “Next of Kin” which reveal a new polish to her sound creating a warm bed for Dacus’ voice and sharp lyrical observations.

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