Kiran Leonard

When the Guardian wrote about Kiran two years ago the headline read “Kiran Leonard: the art-rocker challenging the indie-lad stereotype”. And he truly is a singular, brilliant talent and a compelling presence live presence: whether he’s playing 16-minute epics about an erotic encounter between a woman and a squid or singing about Mongolian giants, he’s proven that he isn’t your average singer-songwriter.

His 2012 debut album Bowler Hat Soup – on which he played upwards of 20 different instruments himself – veered wonderfully between lush chamber pop and joyous music-hall style numbers. Its follow up Grapefruit saw him take yet another sonic leap forward. It’s astounding, accomplished and vastly ambitious, a record that was testament to his amazing talent, energy and intellect. His refusal to be pigeonholed has allowed him to make orchestral pop, post-rock and avant-garde spheres all within one record.

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