Josh T. Pearson

Josh T. Pearson came to prominence in 2001, in a brilliant band called Lift to Experience; they produced one peerless record (which was also deafeningly loud) and then combusted. After a decade of near silence, Pearson re-emerged with his acclaimed heart-wrenching debut solo record, Last of the Country Gentlemen. He played these songs at Larmer Tree and as you watched you could feel the pain that was shot through every song.

He’s now back with The Straight Hits! (“I did think it was funny calling it a ‘hits’ record after releasing only one solo album after a lifetime of playing music”) – it sees Pearson freeing himself from the mythology that has surrounded him since Lift To Experience’s implosion. It also shows a man keen to share more Josh T. Pearson music with the world, before it’s too late.

“In the last years, I learned to dance, take drugs, make love… choose life. I got rid of the beard, cut my hair and started wearing colour.” He isn’t lying – The Straight Hits! features multiple different flavours of country, rock and all points in between. We can’t wait to see all this come to life as he joins us again.

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