The Jesus & Mary Chain

Few bands have had such a huge impact on musical culture as The Jesus and Mary Chain. When they emerged, they were the perfect blend of the Sex Pistols, the Velvet Underground and T-Rex. Their seminal debut album Psychocandy backed all that up – a beautiful, dizzying cocktail of feedback and hypnotic melodies that was often imitated, but never bettered.

There have been break ups and reformations, but the unique writing partnership of the Reid brothers, William and Jim, always shone through. Last year’s tour for the 30th year anniversary of Psychocandy showed a band that had lost none of its magic.

Now we know that their long-awaited seventh full-length effort, Damage & Joy, is out in March. It’s their first album since 1998. The album’s first single and opening track, “Amputation” is a reverb soaked anthem for the new age. Perfect for a festival show.

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