Father John Misty

Back in 2012, prolific singer-songwriter Joshua Tillman reinvented himself. He would now be known as country-soul showman Father John Misty and his sound would be pure joy.

What emerged on debut album Fear Fun was one of the most original and brilliant voices in American music. His dazzling talent shone even brighter on second record I Love You, Honeybear – a tender, intimate album that reaffirmed your faith in the transformative powers of love.

Live, Father John Misty is a mesmerising stage presence – a showman of wit, charisma and passion. Pouting, hand on hips, suddenly falling onto his back or raising his palms to the audience, taking the phones of watching fans and singing into them; he’s halfway between preacher and rock star (which makes the name pretty accurate). Not to mention he’s hilarious too.

Now he’s back with a new record, Pure Comedy, which sees him tackle politics and the state of the world with the same wit and passion. Backed by a full-blooded country-rock band, his UK Festival exclusive headline at Larmer Tree Gardens is going to be one you won’t want to miss.

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