Fat White Family

Since forming in a Peckham squat and releasing their first album (Champagne Holocaust, in 2013), Fat White Family – a rebel gang of wonderfully scabrous musicians – have ploughed their own furrow and show no signs of falling into line any time soon.

Given to performing naked, they’re confrontational, rebellious and sensational, with a sound, like all the very best rock, that feels like it’s teetering on the edge of collapse. Frontman Lias Saoudi finds inspiration in drunks and degenerates – creating woozy, sleazy tunes about the dirty underbelly of life. Just listen to the vividly grubby “Whitest Boy on the Beach”.

Live, Fat White Family are unparalleled in their vicious, uncompromising brilliance. Lias, in particular, is like a man possessed – intense and mesmerising. We’ve only just recovered from their 2015 set but we’re delighted they’re making the trip to Larmer Tree again to give you that chance – make sure you’re at the front for this one.

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