Ezra Furman

It’s no secret that we love Ezra Furman. He’s played some stunning sets here. Not least his shows two years ago, which included a sensational secret set in the Tipi Tent and a mindblowing headliner Garden Stage show. Now he’s back with a new album and we’re delighted he’s agreed to return.

Transangelic Exodus is a new landmark for him – intense, dramatic and full of brilliant hooks as well as a timely theme. And though Transangelic Exodus is noticeably different to its predecessors, Furman’s musical DNA remains intact – that’s to say, a thrilling, literate form of garage-punk rooted in The Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman and ‘50s rock’n’roll.

Furman also continues to give a voice to the disenfranchised, telling stories that are rarely told. He’s always shunned traditional gender and sexual identities, and it’s made him a flag-bearer for being who you want to be and wearing what you want to wear. And it’s all brought to life live. Cut loose and unleashed, Ezra is a showman like no other – his shows are pulsating, thrilling and always ones to remember.

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