Du Blonde

When singer-songwriter Beth Jeans Houghton came back with a new name and a new sound, it was a revelation. The ukulele, harp, and glockenspiel of her 2012 debut were replaced on Welcome Back to Milk – her debut as Du Blonde – with Stones R&B rhythms, doomed Sabbath licks, and blistering Cali-punk. Her role as a confrontational garage rocker was the perfect, natural fit and during her thrilling live shows this charisma oozed out of her on stage.

The album stripped everything back and is one massive release of pent-up aggression. Heavy riffs, loud drums and snarling vocals contrast beautifully with poignant balladry and tenderness that were familiar to fans of Houghton’s previous work. Future Islands frontman Samuel T Herring even provided guest vocals.

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