David Thomas Broughton

The last time David Thomas Broughton played End of the Road he serenaded a half-eaten sausage. We shouldn’t be surprised, he’s one of the most unique, eccentric and unorthodox artists of his time – he’s duetted with rape alarms and jammed with trains. He’s looped a heckle into a musical refrain, deputised singing duties to vegetables, and been barred re-entry to his own gig after leaving the stage to bang some pipes. But this alt-folk underdog is also hugely talented.

In 2016 he released Crippling Lack, his eighth long player and arguably his most ambitious project to date, recorded over the course of two years and featuring Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, and Aidan Moffat. You don’t want to miss him live: his loop pedal-assisted live performances, featuring deadpan dance moves and surreal theatre, are something else. Bring earplugs though, it can get oddly loud.

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