Bill Callahan

From obscure beginnings in the late 1980s, (putting out lo–fi cassettes from his bedroom in Maryland), Bill Callahan has slowly taken his rightful place as one of America’s defining voices.

He has been a prolific artist. As Smog he released 12 stunning albums before shedding that moniker in 2007 to perform under his own name. His music has become richer and calmer, but his unique ability to explore love, death, nature and human destiny remains – all in his own enigmatic and sardonic style of course.

Possessing a distinctive deadpan baritone, he has frequently been hailed as the Leonard Cohen of his generation and Dream River, Callahan’s most recent album (not counting the dub version he released of it a year later, Have Fun With God), strengthens that claim further. It’s a quietly devastating record which finds him in typically minimal form, this time deftly exploring the power of human connection. Live you get to see this stripped back even further – his delivery dry, unadorned and immaculate.

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