Ariel Pink

Over the course of more than a decade Ariel Pink has written some of the most off-kilter pop gems your ears will ever hear. Listening to his bafflingly brilliant music (packed full of killer-hooks) you’re instantly transported into his world – a dizzying one full of outlandish compositions seemingly from another dimension.

He has become one of the most influential underground figures of the past decade, an artist who’s collaborated with everyone from Theophilus London to Miley Cyrus.

His sound stitches threads of 60s psychedelia, 70s prog and 80s synthpop together to make new shapes. With his latest album – maybe his best – Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, he’s refined what he’s done before, crafting an immersive, intimate record. Just listen to “Another Weekend” to experience some of those seductive melodies. And such is his eccentricity, seeing him live is a tantalising opportunity to see his fantasy world come to life. Don’t miss out.

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