Amen Dunes

Amen Dunes, the project of Damon McMahon, began as a collection of improvised songs in a cabin in upstate New York. McMahon’s simple songs, fuzzy guitar, and buzzing vocals all sound like the product of an artist isolated and left alone with their thoughts. The result was the album Dia and it was released in 2009 to underground critical acclaim.

Since then Amen Dunes has been a process of expansion, taking in everything from Ethiopian covers, to classic American ballads. It was fourth album Love – bringing in members of Iceage and Godspeed You! Black Emperor – which saw McMahon take his biggest step forward. His most accessible, and fully realised record to date, it was a record to, er, fall in Love with. Now he’s back with his fifth album, Freedom. We urge you to listen to “Miki Dora,” which places an insistent beat underneath McMahon’s voice to produce something new and pulsating.

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